Pick the best 3- piece suit for your wedding

3-piece suit for men basically consists of a jacket, pants, and a waistcoat. It is a very good dressier alternative instead of a standard two-piece design. Whenever you have to select a 3-piece suit, you can either opt for a matching waistcoat or the one that will provide contrast. No matter what you choose, you are only required to get the fit of your suit right. We have a different three piece suit for wedding that you can try.

Choose the right color for your suit

  1. Navy blue

This color appears clean, smart as well as flattering on almost every skin tone.

  1. Blue

Light and washed out blues are good for daytime occasions during warmer months. A bright blue tone like midnight blue is best suited for evening occasions.

  1. White

It is a bold as well as uniquely stylish choice. To rock with this type of look you can add subtle color like a pale blue shirt, patterned tie, and brown-colored shoes but remember to keep the rest of your look simple and sober.

  1. Black

This is an excellent option for formal functions and events. Add this to your wardrobe for on-hand weddings, award nights, charity dinners, and much more.

  1. Grey

Grey hues can vary so it is essential to carefully choose the right one. Plain grey is basically a timeless choice and a subtle pattern can add excitement to it.

  1. Brown

To rock your look with some on-trend flair, you can try to opt for a brown style.