kangaroo feeding victoria

Mother touch for feeding of the child

Nowadays the skin-to-skin contact is the prominent technique to place the baby after the birth. This will decrease the infant mortality rate in the new born babies and can avoid hospital acquired diseases, increase rate of feeding and increase weight gain. The kangaroo feeding victoria is same the kangaroo care in which the mother carries the newly born baby in the pouch of the kangaroo. The contact of skin contact is most important to the mother and baby during the feeding times.Kangaroo care is the technique of contact of skin of the new born baby where the babies are kept near the heart or chest contact with skin typically to mother sometimes occasionally to father


 This care is like the child has less trend to apnea and bradycardia and the berating senses will increase for such children. The pre term infants who are prone to ventilators, cardiopulmonary monitoring, oximetry, intravenous infusions are free from these conditions in the kangaroo’s care. The kangaroo care is mostly done to the babies who are birth weight is less and pre term infants who cannot breathe independently.

Mother feeding is priority:

This is a nature created phenomenon and makes the child automatically crawl towards the breast and feeding is done for the baby. The contact of skin in mother will increase the Brest feeding in the child and behavior increases timely. Newborn babies when they are placed in the mother’s hand tends to react fast to the skin contact and the mother instant to latch on the breast with instant start of the nursing and makes the breast milk feeding easier.


Kangaroo care is accepted worldwide as it has multiple benefits for the new born child’s health and development. Nowadays the contact of skin is the prominent technique to place the baby after the birth on the bare chest of their mother or father.