What is Email Marketing: how, when and why to use it.

The purpose of this article is to provide the first building blocks for understanding email marketing for the layman. Email marketing is one of the tools that is increasingly used by entrepreneurs incorrectly and inappropriately, causing serious technical problems for corporate email real estate transaction coordinator software.

What is Email Marketing

Let’s start from the abc, or rather from understanding “What is Email Marketing”?

Email marketing is a kind of  direct marketing  that utilizes email as a compromises of conveying commercial news to the community.

In a broad sense, any email sent to a customer (or potential customer) can be considered email marketing. However, this term is usually used to refer to:

Mailing e-mails with the objective to seize the connection between a firm and its earlier or recent customers to an additional developed level and to motivate their belief.

Sending emails with the intent of acquiring modern consumers or persuading prior ones to sell something exactly right away.

Adding line items in email information mailed by other firms to their consumers.

Who is Email Marketing for

In the field of web marketing not all promotional tools are applicable to all situations because in general there is NO promotional tool that is ALWAYS GOOD in ALL cases but here is the exception.

Email marketing is for everyone

Email marketing is the exception to the rule.

It is in fact the web marketing tool that more than all the others is potentially suitable for all types of companies. The response to this statement is easily found in everyday life: everyone asks for the email, the clothing store, the supermarket, the pet shop, the supplier company, sometimes even the favorite restaurant.

This is because with email marketing it is possible to obtain the most “intimate” contact that the web promotion tools make available to you: “enter” the mailbox of your customer (or potential customer) creating a communication relationship “one to an exclusive one that cannot be obtained in any other way, and this relationship,  IF EXPLOITED WELL , is the one that manages to give the best results.