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You plan to choose a TMS (Transport Management System) but do not know where to start? This is understandable: on the market, the offers are multiplying and the proposed features cover a field of action ever wider. How to navigate in this infographic services company Singapore of information? Here are some essential criteria to take into account to facilitate your decision making, in computer graphics.

infographic services company SingaporeA functional, modular TMS adapted to your profession

Since transport is constantly evolving, the chosen solution must be at the forefront of innovation and offer a functional wealth and evolutions to meet your new challenges. Best of all, with a drawer solution, you can prioritize features that enable rapid deployment and wins, infographic services company Singapore and enable other bricks to suit your needs.

The objective of this modularity: to respond precisely to your business needs. A standard solution does not always meet your specificities, so a certain amount of adaptability to your processes and flexibility is essential. And this, even in terms of transport mode covered. The chosen solution must cover all types of flows related to your activity, the modes of transport operated and the geographical perimeter on which you intervene.

Ergonomics, costs, and compatibility

An ergonomic TMS, user-friendly, simple to take in hand, it is the insurance to manage your operations by limiting the risks of error … but all have a cost, sometimes hidden! Where all services are included in Saas-type subscription solutions, a license has a number of recurring costs in addition to the acquisition cost. A criterion to take into account to choose from SaaS and traditional license!

Finally, make sure the chosen solution is compatible with the rest of your tools. A TMS that integrates easily into the IS and interfaces with the main ERPs used saves time and security when implementing the solution. Ditto if you have a WMS: choose the TMS from the same publisher, to ensure consistency of exchanges and alignment of data.