How to Build a Personal Connection with Your Followers on Instagram

Building a personal connection with your followers on Instagram is all about making them feel like they are part of your community. This is accomplished by first understanding the psychology behind this online platform and then how you can craft a compelling story that attracts your audience to you. Here are some of the benefits of building a personal connection:

Increased engagement rates

The human mind craves narrative. When you give people a sense of belonging and more importantly, worth, they grow to trust you and want to be a part of your story. These people become your brand advocates and will help you push your brand forward through their real-world connections. To learn
How to pin a post on Instagram can help you create buzz around your brand and generate more interest in your products or services.

Higher value of your posts

When you give content that people can relate to and feel an emotional connection with, they instantly value it more. Helping them feel that way is what builds a genuine personal relationship, the key for any successful business venture. People want to support those who support them first.

Establishing your dominance over competitors

By helping your followers feel genuine connection with you through fun conversations, you will increase the value of the content you publish. This in turn makes your posts more valuable to the people who follow you and gives you an advantage over competing brands. It also allows them to be more grateful of what they have and not just focus on what they don’t have.

Grow your brand’s presence

Growth of your personal following is the ultimate goal of any individual or company who wants to build a business around their brand. By making yourself appear as an everyday person with a great sense of humor and personality, you will grow exponentially. That said, the more followers you have, the more value they provide to your company. More followers equals more content and more engagement equals more revenue…and the cycle continues.


Building customer loyalty

The value of a loyal customer cannot be understated. These customers will recommend your company to others, purchase your products more often, and tell their peers about their positive experience doing business with you. An effective way to build a loyal following is by having an online presence that makes them feel they are part of something special.

And that’s it – the five simple reasons why having a strong personal connection with your followers is so important. Use these tips and techniques to help you build a personal connection with your followers on Instagram.

Build a Compelling Brand Story

People will only open and engage with your brand if you create something they want to read or share. That’s why the key to any successful online business is to tell a compelling story that increases their understanding of who you are and what you can offer them. The more personal connection you foster with your followers, the better their engagement.