Various Top And Bases Semipermanentes: Everything You Need To Know

Bases semipermanentes enameling is the most valuable product in the success of this manicure. It is effective for the strength of the manicure and good adhesion. An individual has to study it with a magnifying glass, take the most proper one; with vitamins, self-leveling, universal. It is also the only semi-permanent finish product that touches the natural nail plate. Do not stop to guarantee first-class products.

The top layer of Top is the second most powerful product to consider in semi-permanent enameling. In addition, it gives the perfect shine to the nails or a matte finish,  also it protects the color layer from damage, splashes or any kind of damage. The Top layer is used on top of the second color layer already dried in the lamp. In order to enjoy and have the full effect of the top layer, oil is essential to improve its appearance and not only that but also to hydrate nails.

Products that are the best Bases and Tops

  1. First Semilac with ACid 7ml, this kind of base semipermanentes is very strong to use. This has contained acid to enhance the adherence of the builder gel. Its use is important before building with gel and it is too strong for semi-permanent glazing. This one is being used for the first layer of the nail, which a lot of people especially in the industry that is giving service to the people.
  2. Semilac Extend Base 7ml, this kind of Innovative base for semi-permanent enameling with the probability of constructing. In order to lengthen individual nails with the base Semilac Extend Base up to 1cm. It is applied like all other Bases for semi-permanent enameling which is, on top of the after preparation and decreased nail. To apply it effectively dry it in a lamp and It is also self-leveling, durable with the minimum use of 21 days.
  3. Semilc Top Mat 7ml, this kind of top is a finalizing product for semi-permanent glazing that combines any color. It is applied on top of the second color layer after drying in a lamp and is also can be dried in both LED and UV lamps. It must be cleaned after drying the layer to the implications of satiny. This is one of the most popular types of bases semipermanentes as it will serve and have great impact on an individual to use with their nails.manicura
  4. Semilac Top No WIpe, 7ml, this one is good as a finishing product for semi-permanent enameling that gives shine to the enameling. It is applied on top of the second color layer once dried in a lamp and is also dried in both LED and UV lamps. Once dried it does not requires to be cleaned with Nail Cleaner since it is a No Wipe version. Remember, because this product carries UV sunscreen, dark colors such as black 031 Black Diamond can be modified in daylight. An individual can choose for this type of bases semipermanentes for them to put by the one who is giving the service. This is also optional, people just need to choose if they want to have this kind of layer to their nails, but it is more advisable to go with this as nails are more protected with this kind of material.


Today there are a lot of products that help an individual to keep their fingernails healthy and protected. These are usually the best product to buy by every individual to be healthy. Bases are very important in protecting fingernails. This will help to prolong the color of the top by using a chosen base color. Before getting a service from a nail artist make sure that you are with the most reliable one, as there are a lot of cases in every part of the world, that are not good including to get off one of their nails. So, as a response to this, people need to be with the most reliable and of course ensure that the materials are safe just like these various products.