Beaker Base Bongs

Cool Bongs Really Are The Coolest Bongs!

For some people, smoking is an art; a unique endeavour that begins when herbs of the finest quality are planted, then harvested, and then finally amalgamated with the various tools available specifically for the purpose. One such tool is the cool bong—a water pipe distinctively made for smoking cannabis that could be used for other substances like tobacco.

What makes a bong so well liked, so favoured, and so popular among many other forms of smoking is its core purpose: to filter smoke. This filtered smoke is not hot, might be lower in the number of carcinogens it has, and smoother.

The four basic components aside, bongs can differ in shape, size, and functionality. The list is not limited to:

  • Classic beaker bongs
  • Glass bongs
  • Silicone bongs
  • Cool bongs
  • Perc bongs

A cool bong, as the name suggests, is simply a very cool bong. Made with expert craftsmanship and finesse, they reciprocate the term “cool” really well. These bongs come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. From handcrafted pieces to unique minute details and absolutely creative add-ons, they’re known for their distinct, eye-catching features.

For some people, smoking really is an art. For these people, the most important aspect then becomes the level of craftsmanship put into the making of pipes, whether dry or wet. And the art of smoking becomes a hobby to showcase the finest of collection.

The basics

A bong has three primary components:

  • A bowl
  • A downstem
  • And a body.

High-end bongs have built-in percolators that deliver an extra layer of filtration. Then some have ice catchers that further cool the smoke.

How do they work?

The bowl carries the herb or tobacco, which is ignited. This produces smoke that travels from the downstem; here, the downstem acts as a filter. If a bong has it, and most cool bongs do, the smoke passes through a percolator, which is a tool that further acts as a filter. Then it travels across the body of the bong, past the ice catcher if it’s been added, and into the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is what an individual uses to inhale the smoke from the herbs or leaves in the bowl.

The ease with which everything is available today is astounding. Smoking, either through the use of water pipes or otherwise, has never been so varied. It is then up to the individual to match what is available with their personal preferences, tastes, and needs.