Street Wear Clothing

All About Street Wear Clothing

The street clothing was original, it came in the 1980s, its roots are in the skateboard. This is a retro style inspired by the culture of slippers and hipsters. It has a vintage sneaker element. But do not confuse with hip hop. It’s not like hip hop with this big, baggy and oversized dress. Usually he wears only casual and comfortable clothes, such as jeans, shirts, baseball caps and sneakers.

urban street fashion girl

But over the years they have added some distinctive parts.

This type of clothing was adopted as an urban street fashion girl until it became internationalized. The watched and took street clothes to the next level. Many started the label. It is all over the world. Fashion makes its own labels, but, unfortunately, there were many copies that simply wanted to make money. They forget the design they collect for the profit they are about to make. But few stood out and gained respect.


In street clothes you can express yourself. You do not need to copy all the magazine mods. This is how to stand out and give everyone a hint of their own personality. Today you can feel overwhelmed by this type of clothing. This is incredible because you can leave your mark. A sense of personality makes this type of clothing. They expressed this by adding hilarious, extravagant and luxurious graphic prints in vibrant colors or retro logos. Especially in these modern times, not everyone wants to follow modern fashion today. They want something else, so they create their own style to make them unique.