wedding photo booth package singapore

Weeding photo booth: the best tips for you

Wedding photo booth can create some great memories. So, you need to be perfect while choosing the best photo booth. We are here to help you. Click here for wedding photo booth package singapore.

Customize your photos exclusively

Black and white or sepia filters, a bride and groom signature or a phrase that summarizes the essence of the event are just some of the possibilities you have to customize the photos that all your guests will take in your wedding photo booth. That will give a touch of distinction to each of the photos that your guests hang on their Social Networks, as well as in the photo albums, we propose you to make exclusive designs made by our graphic designer with any image that you send us or reason that I like you. Visit this site for wedding photo booth package singapore.

wedding photo booth package singaporeChoose the perfect wedding photo booth for you

It may seem complicated to choose the perfect decoration for your photo booth. Sometimes, and depending on the place where the celebration is held, it may be a good idea to rent an open photo booth. We recommend closed, but it can be a very feasible possibility for celebrations that are held outdoors.

Group photos always make a good impression

Surely you want to get (or at least try) that your wedding was the best your guests have ever attended. The best way to achieve this is to make all the group photos you can, in which your guests appear disguised, chosen especially according to the decoration of the event.

Share your photos on Social Networks with just one click

Our wedding photo booths have the most advanced extras in terms of technology, so you can enjoy features such as the ability to share each photo on your guests’ Social Networks almost instantaneously. Just one click and all the friends of your guests will start talking about your wedding.