LBC lighting reviews

Why you should invest in LED lighting

LED Lighting is a modern lighting type that has become very popular in recent times. LED lighting has found various uses both indoors and outdoors including for traffic lighting, advertisement and in cars. This is due to the many benefits of LED lighting. This article will discuss the benefits of LED lighting as well as its downfall.

Benefits of LED lighting

Durability: The durability of LED lighting has made it a very popular choice. Compared to a lot of normal light bulbs, LED bulbs tend to last longer. They have the ability to operate even when the temperature is low. They can also work well even in a zero degree weather. They are designed to last for up to 100,000 hours. The implication is that they can easily last for 4,000 days, which is well over 12 years. This is considering that they do not contain tubes or filaments that can break.  Furthermore, they do not suddenly stop working like normal bulbs. They start to dim instead, giving you enough time to make plans to get a replacement.

Less energy consumption: LED lighting consumes less energy compared to traditional lighting. The implication is that you will be saving on energy bills as well. This is due to their efficient energy usage design.

Environment friendly: LED bulbs are friendly to the environment as they don’t contain hazardous substances such as mercury. They instantly light up without requiring some time to warm up. They can also output 135 lumens per watt. Commercial led lighting can be purchased from LBC lighting. To confirm the type of lighting you can get from LBC lighting and if they sell ceiling LED lights, then you can read LBC lighting reviews here.

LBC lighting reviews

They do not produce heat: Another major benefit of using LED lighting is the fact that they do not produce heating. Imagine coming home on a hot summer evening, you have to put on the light, but you know that only means more heat. Thus, you are in a dilemma of getting more heat or staying in the dark. With led lighting, you don’t have to bother about heat, as they don’t produce heat like incandescent bulbs that produce both light and heat due to infrared radiation. It also makes them great for use in pet enclosures and illuminating food, where using normal bulbs will emit heat that could negatively affect the pet or food.

Size: LED lighting often comes in small sizes. This has made them great for usage in devices and gadgets. They can easily fit for LCD screens, pen flashlights, backlighting keypads, and mobile phones. They are also used in cars as well for the flash lights and for showing messages on notifications on the dashboards and other parts of the car.

Downfalls of LED lighting

There are a number of drawbacks to LED lighting as well. They include:

Price: LED bulbs cost more than normal light bulbs. However, the fact they last much longer makes them more cost effective.

Temperature: LED lighting are not very great in higher ambient temperature as overheating could lead to the device failing.

Range: They mostly provide illumination for a short range and thus, they are not great for lighting uses that require a long range. You could opt for brighter LED bulbs and use more bulbs.

Generally, the advantages of LED lighting far outweigh its drawback, making it a wise choice to invest in LED lighting.