Ways of using wallpaper in living room

Ways of using wallpaper in living room

Wallpapers on the walls the idea has grown very faster and also earned a lot of positive reception from many people. Wallpaper decoration has become part of many families by giving beautiful and admirable walls designing to them. You can find the number of varieties of patterns, colors, and textures of wallpapers. This wallpaper Singapore is used in many ways. Let us discuss how can utilize them in decorating your living room.

decorating your living room

  • The most effective use of the wallpaper is to cover them on the wall. You can try different colors and patterns which will give a unique look to your room. For example, you can try some bold color wallpaper which will different feel to that room, and for some other room, you can try using simple texture wallpaper which can create a delicate feel.
  • You can also try a design that was been used some decades back. This will be mostly liked by the people who want to give some traditional look to their walls. The design was to cover half of the wall with one type of wallpaper and the remaining with another. For example, you can cover the top part of the wall with paper and then you try paneling wallpaper this is the classic combination of wallpapers which will be always in fashion.
  • You can also use wallpaper when you want to enhance some particular area. Like adding wallpaper to the space behind the television. That will become the center of attraction part of that room. Whenever anyone visits the first thing they will look at is the wall. This idea will be liked by those people who want to create a focal point. But make sure you don’t create more than one focal point in one room.
  • If you want to do something different than what generally people do then you can think about covering the ceiling part with interesting and unique wallpaper. The ceiling wall is painted with white color and then not even noticed by anyone until there are any issues like leakage or cracks.
  • You can also use the wallpaper to decorate the inner part of the open bookshelves. Usually, the back part of the shelves is plain you can try using some nice patterned wallpaper you will surely get compliments for that. In case if you are unable to cover the walls with your favorite wallpaper due to the high cost then you can buy a small piece of it and frame it. So that you can use it as a wall hanging.


Hope you will use all the above-mentioned ideas about using wallpaper in different ways and give your home a different and admirable look.