Why do people get tan? – Know about it

When people go outside under the hot sun; and on returning home, they may observe a change in skin tone. In most cases, this color change is common and is visible to the naked eye. When you cannot find any change, you will see later when you undress your clothes. The skin under your clothes is lighter than the other parts under exposure to the Sun. The sunburn has nothing to do with the darkening of your skin when you touch anything hot.

When you touch anything hotter, to say, a fried food; once you take your hand out, you will see a change in your skin tone. This burn is made by the heat in the food but the sunburn you have has a different reason. It is due to the radiation from ultraviolet B rays, something you would have studied in your high-school time. When the harmful rays from the Sun penetrate your skin, it will cause serious damage to it. This ray will damage your DNA and can lead to skin cancer.

To avoid this kind of thing, people used to apply sunscreen before they go outside. But our body itself helps your skin protect from this kind of UV rays, and it is nothing but skin tanning. In this process, a pigment called melanin darkens the skin of people and turns into the dark. But this thing is not a permanent one, and the skin will be changed back to the normal color after some time. It is done by peeling off of the upper darker cells and pushing up the new cells.

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