Treating Lice is possible

Known as head lice, these tiny six-legged parasites stick to your scalp and neck and feed on the blood of humans. Because each jerk is only about the size of a sesame seed, it might be challenging to distinguish them from one another. Lice deposit their eggs, known as nits, on hairs near the scalp, making them even more challenging to detect. They are held in place by a material that resembles glue.

  • Children in preschool and primary school are particularly susceptible to head lice infestations.
  • In addition to the tickling sensation of something moving in the hair, head lice cause itching and blisters on the head.
  • The sick person, as well as any infected family members, as well as the residence, should all be treated.

Educating Children and Their Parents About Head Lice is Vital

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Usually, after you’ve identified the outward indicators of an infestation, you may check the afflicted region to confirm your suspicions. This may occasionally be accomplished with the naked eye, but, in other circumstances, a magnifying lens may be required. Lice may be found on the head, the body, and the genitals. It is vital to recognise three types of lice: head lice, body lice, and genital lice. Lichen nits, lice nymphs, and adult lice may have a variety of appearances and locations depending on the kind of lice that a person has.

Because they have successfully treated over half a million customers, lice doctors Houston use lice treatment to remove your head lice. The goal is for you to feel secure, which is why we provide guarantees on all procedures. You will be assured to be lice and nit-free after treatment and compliance with the easy follow-up plan, which will be provided to you by your technician after treatment.

Some nits in the days immediately after treatment are typical; the subsequent treatment will eliminate those nits. If you discover a live insect (or bugs), apply additional oil to your hair that night, and the bug (or bugs) will perish.

Doctors are open seven days a week, 365 days a year, from the early morning hours to the late hours of the night. Lice Doctors understand that when you discover head lice, you don’t want to waste any time! Having an at-home service gives you the most significant amount of flexibility; after one kid has completed being examined, she may resume her regular activities without waiting for her younger sibling to be treated.