Source for the Most Up-to-Date Period Products

Source for the Most Up-to-Date Period Products

Periods had come a long way from the days when bulky pads and cardboard tampon applicators were the only choices. Here’s everything you need to know about period items, including tampons, menstrual cups, and menstrual underwear. Our editorial team independently selected and reviewed each product we feature. We can earn a commission if you buy a product using the links provided here Here are more menstrual products you should know about:

1.      Pads and tampons

For decades, pads and tampons have been the go-to option for menstrual treatment, and they continue to be the most common choices. Although pads and tampons’ basic idea hasn’t changed much over the years, brands have made significant changes, most recently switching to organic cotton as a primary material. 

2.      Latest Tampax Pure-Tampons

 The Tampax Pure uses certified-organic cotton and contains no chlorine, pigments, or fragrances. It comes with an applicator that is made mainly of plant-based materials for fast insertion. Choose the right absorbency for your flow — using an ultra-large tampon on a light day will irritate your vagina and cause discomfort upon insertion or withdrawal, as well as increase your risk of the toxic-shock syndrome.


3.      Tampons made from organic materials

These tampons are also chlorine, scent, and dye-free and come in super and standard sizes. They’re also made entirely of organic cotton, from the tip to the string. This one doesn’t come with an applicator, so you won’t have to think about wasting or recycling any extra plastic. This one doesn’t come with an applicator, so you won’t have to think about wasting or recycling any excess plastic. 

4.      Overnight Pads Rael Organic Cotton

Pillowy soft sounds just like the kind of thing you’d want on your vulva all night, doesn’t it? These sheets, which come in two sizes, can provide you with a worry-free night’s sleep. A 100 percent organic cotton top sheet, waterproof back panel, and side wings are among the features that help make them leak-proof and comfortable. 

5.      Tampons Lola Cardboard Applicator

This tampon has the convenience of an applicator, even a curved edge for easier insertion — but none of the rubber (it’s all cardboard). This organic cotton tampon also effectively prevents leaks without any chemical chemicals, synthetic fibers, dyes, or other potentially harmful substances.

6.      Cora Pads and Tampons

Depending on the day of your period, do you want to switch between tampons and pads? Cora, an organic cotton tampon and pad brand with a subscription plan, is a good option. Choose the numbers and moisture absorption of your period goods, and each month you’ll receive a shipment that meets your flow’s requirements. Click here and find more guides about menstrual products. You can also visit your nearest medical specialist if you are experiencing menstrual complications.