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Singapore Menstruation is one of the central physiotherapy clinics in Asia, including Japan and Singapore. We follow Australian style physiotherapist Singapore and are popularly viewed as the world leader in physiotherapy. We have been doing business in Asia since 2002.

Injuries we treat

We provide treatment for various diseases such as non-specific sports injuries, postoperative rehabilitation office ergonomics consultation, back and neck pain, women’s health, and pediatric physiotherapy.

The focus is on ACL rupture, meniscus, MCL, headache and migraine, pain in neck, chest, and body parts, back and lowers back, cuff tears, calf muscles, hip/groin, hip/support. Muscles, ankles, legs, hands and wrists, elbows, wrist tears, Infin Siemento pain, lip lacerations.

We guarantee that your physiotherapist Singapore will only meet you during your consultations, you will receive a personal digital exercise plan so that you can reach your goals quickly. If you have international health insurance or appropriate travel insurance, you may be able to bill for your treatment.

Services we provide

  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • therapeutic exercises and massages
  • ACL damage and MCL tear
  • Knee and shoulder after surgery
  • Spine, back, neck, headaches
  • Triathlon trainer
  • Women’s health
  • Perform biomechanics and injuries
  • Endurance sports injuries
  • Injuries related to snow sports

Why Choose a Singapore physiotherapist?

Singapore physiotherapist covers all aspects of a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our native English-speaking physiotherapists are trained in Australia and are recognized as a world leader in physiotherapy education and research.