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ELDER-BEWITCHED-TO-DARK-TROT-ROWRT is a classic poem by Emily Dickinson that expresses the complex feelings many people have toward old age. Several of Dickinson’s poems focus on the loss of mental acuity that often accompanies old age. In particular, several poems highlight the concept of ‘darkness’ as a symptom of aging. These poems convey the message that somewhere along the line, elderly people lost the ability to see clearly. By suggesting that some elderly have lost their ability to discern between light and darkness, Dickinson highlights the importance of maintaining one’s mental clarity throughout life.

Elderly public services in Draper

Based on this insight, one could argue that Draper, Utah is one of the most elderly-dense towns in America. While there are several retirement homes and assisted living facilities in Draper, most residents must travel to obtain needed care. It is because Draper is a small town with a limited number of elder care providers. Even some of Draper’s neighbors – such as Las Vegas – have substantially more services available to them than Draper does. Consequently, this may explain why Draper has such a high percentage of its population over age sixty.

  • Draper is a town in Utah with a population of only 350 people.
  • The town primarily functions as a business hub for the surrounding agricultural areas.
  • However, the town has gained some attention for something other than its economic value to the local area- its low rate of elderly residents.
  • Draper boasts the lowest ratio of senior citizens to youth in its entire state.
  • To be sure, Draper’s elders are a rare sight in the community.

One of the reasons elderly care in Draper, UT are so well-liked is that they provide some form of public service. The town’s senior citizens’ center serves as an important gathering place for their fellow citizens. It also serves as a meeting place for the town’s older residents and provides food, lodging, and social events for free. These services improve the quality of life for everyone in Draper by boosting morale and increasing accessibility to social opportunities.