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Partners contribute to a better health. Read why that is so

People who have a loving partner are healthier and more balanced than people who are still searching for love. That is why so many people subscribe to dating sites such as The Guardian Soulmates. You can read reviews of The Guardian Soulmates here. But before you subscribe to any kind of dating site, you should know why people with a partner seem to be happier and healthier than people without one.

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People who have a partner are less lonely than people who don’t have a partner but would love someone to spend his or her life with. Instead of spending evening after evening alone on the sofa, they have someone to do fun things with. Fun things can include going somewhere but also just watch a movie together or play a game. You also have someone to talk to if you feel the need to talk to someone.

Eating Healthier

Cooking a meal just for yourself is boring unless you like cooking. It’s also inconvenient because most meals are meant for two or more people. You might be tempted to resort to easy fast food, microwave dinners etc. Together, you can come up with some more nutritious meals and make them together.

Out of your Comfort Zone

A good partner knows when to support you. But sometimes what you need is not support but someone to challenge you. A partner can persuade you to do things that you would never do on your own. Maybe he or she has a hobby that, according to your partner, you should try sometime. Via these experiences, you might come in contact with new hobbies that you’ll learn to love or people t you’d never met otherwise. So stepping out of your comfort zone is healthy for you and doing so with a partner makes it less scary. Of course, your hobbies might become your partner’s hobby to or something that the two of you like to do together.

Feeling Loved

Having a partner means that there is someone who loves you enough to stick with you no matter what and will be there for you when things get rough. He or she has chosen you out of the millions of other people in the world that said person could have had a relationship with. That feeling alone is amazing and lifts your spirit. You won’t have to feel unloved and also have someone to love in return.

Face Hard Times

With a significant other in your life, you won’t have to face every challenge or tough situation alone. You have someone to turn to if life gets hard and you need a shoulder to cry on. Talking to someone can lighten the burden. Your partner can listen to you, hear you out, support you and help you find a solution to a problem. Of course, it also works the other way around. You will have someone who might need your support every once in a while. You are needed and wanted and these feelings can give you a sense of fulfillment.