The promise:

          All the scriptures tell humans about the heaven that one as a human being has to go to. The preparation for that begins right here on earth. Most of the churches or other religious organizations talk of this and they advice people to become more towards God and become spiritually rich. There are millions of churches that are spread out all over the globe. They are different in what they convey and one such is the church if the Shinchonji which is based in South Korea and was founded in the 1984. This is based on the teaching of the bible about the promised temple.

How it works?

  • The church is also known as the Shinchonji church of Jesus and is based on the bible teachings especially in the book of revelations.
  • It is about the promised temple or the temple of the tabernacle that is mentioned in the book of revelations.
  • The second important aspect of this church is the promised pastor or the pastor of Jesus again this is mentioned in the book of revelations.
  • The promised theology is yet another dimension to it and this too is based on the bible book of revelations.
  • The structure of heaven is given a lot of emphasis and importance.


  • The study of bible and more particularly the memorizing of the bible are suggested in the church here and is followed by the members of this church.
  • The members are asked to attend church at least on five days if not on all the seven days of the week. The Zion movement members are also a part of this congregation.
  • This church has members in more than 100 countries and has its branches in more than that.
  • As of now more than 300,000 people have become members of the church. The church has won more 15,000 volunteer awards from all over the globe and is spreading the word as well.
  • The promise of heaven given in the bible is also given more importance.

You can get in touch with them by sending a mail on the format available on the webpage and the format has a space for the message which you can convey to them through this mail. You can become a member of the Shinchonji church easily.