paper io Playing Tips – Check to Have More Fun is an amazing game that we cannot just have enough of when we get the spare moment. Your goal in the game will be coloring in the map by your colours & play against other player, and in case you are looking to win the game, we have got necessary information out there. Let us go ahead and know how to win paper io – it is the fun game, and you will have extra fun when you play the game in a right way.

Basic Gameplay

The primary goal of this game is controlling 100% of your territory. You will start as a small, and start moving square with the small territory that will correspond to the square’s color. You will find many opponents that start in a same way & have a same objective.

In your territory, you will be safe. Once you leave your territory, you will create the trail that draws on the arena. Suppose you want to make your territory back then you must get control of your territory that you traversed.


Improved graphics

The makers of the game have worked on its graphics and the second version of this game looks much better and more 3D than the earlier ones predecessor. It is a factor that endears lots of players in this game, as every players like to play such game!

Crashing won’t kill

The second version of the game is made in such a way that crashing in an edge of stage won’t terminate this gameplay unless player collides right on their head. Many die-hard fans of this game have an opinion that the addition will make it much simpler to chase the dream of capturing the entire board without losing any lives! It is a fun game to start and once you progress in the game you will not want to come back.

Final Words

It is very important to know that there isn’t any kind of race. So, you do not have to rush, and if you do it can lead to elimination. Things will change fast if you start in this game for longer. You will find that the players at a top of table can get eliminated, and gains will disappear instantly. Thus you need to stay patient in the game. Available on iOS and Android stores, game has witnessed huge downloads & followership and is liked by players across the world.