1921 silver dollar

The Mercury Dime – Introduction, Controversies About It, And How Much It Worth?

Have you ever thought, what’s the use of old coins or those coins which are not acceptable after the currency change? Yes, many thought of it, and the answer is that they are more valuable than the original value of these coins because they get sold to the dealers and those who love to collect old coins. Some people love to collect mercury dime; it is the currency of the United States of America. Read more to know about it.

Introduction about the Mercury dimes

It is a ten-cent coin in the United States of America in the 19th century between 1916 and 1945. It was designed by Adolph Wien man in the year 1916. The coin contains silver of 0.07234 troy Oz, gold of 0.10000 troy oz, and the total mass is around 2.500g. The coin’s diameter is 17.91 mm, except for the gold issue 2016 that is 16.50 and having the 118 reeds edge on it.

1921 silver dollar

The controversy behind the coin

The coin received so many compliments for its design, but according to the newspapers of that time, mainly The New York Times said in their column that the Adolph Wien man monogram obverse is too prominent. The dime was released into circulation on 30 October 1916, even after a little bit controversial.

How much it worth?

The value of mercury dime depends on the date, time, mintmark, and condition of it. The value of the single coin may be range up to $1.50 to $1500. The most important thing seen by the dealers and collectors is how much the coin is circulated; the lesser the coin is circulated, the more the price will be the coin. The non-circulated or the coins preserved well, and their condition looks brand new are premium value coins. The premium value coins are considered more by the dealers and collectors. The most valuable dime till now worth $41000 of 1916 D.

If you collect the old coin and have two-three coins of mercury dimes, you are going to be a millionaire in just one day.