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The blockchain is decentralized, but it is indestructible

To become a more formal organization,  should adopt a more complicated feature such as a constitution …”It would seem that if there is a block chain on each network node, the special services or authorities cannot stop bit coins on a whim, as there is no centralized server or anything similar, they would not have anyone who could go if they wanted to close everything.

bonus bitcoin

In reality, all “independent” miners are grouped in pools (technically they are cartels). They have to merge on the assumption that it is better to have a weak but stable income than a huge gain maybe every thousand years (and even that is not guaranteed if you are alone).

The Blockchain is eternal. All that is recorded there will remain forever

 “With the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, there could be several new interesting types of emerging and complex behaviors similar to artificial intelligence. “

As a result: Each high-quality Bit coin bonusbitcoin network client stores the complete transaction history, and this record has already reached 100 GB. This corresponds to the full capacity of inexpensive laptop storage or the most advanced Smartphone. The more transactions that develop on the Bit coin network, the bigger the size, the most important being this year.

 Bit coin block chain growth is not even the fastest: the competing Ethereal network has accumulated 200GB of historical data, just two years after launch and six months of active use. As a result, the life of the block chain is limited to a decade in the current circumstances. The growth of hard drive capacity is lagging.