Have you seen the “Anasuya” movie… Check the reasons to watch movie online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Bhumika Chawla, Abbas, Ravi Babu, Nikitha, Ankitha, Sudeepa Pinky

Story & Direction: Ravi Babu

Cinematography: Sudhakar Reddy

Producers: Flying Frogs and Suresh Productions

Music: Sekhar Chandra

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Anasuya movie came in the year 2007, which was a blockbuster hit.  Ravi Babu directed the film under the genre of horror, thriller.  After succeeding in the movie, it dubbed in Kannada as Anu and also got success.  Ravi Babu also acted like a psycho in the movie.


Anasuya (Bhoomika) is an orphan who turns into a TV Journalist under investigation sector out of her insightfulness and ability.  She gets recognition in her organization for doing sting operations and achieves success.  She remains in the place of an elderly person (Melkote) whom she calls uncle.  All of a sudden, he murdered by an unknown person.

Anasuya finds that murderer (Ravi Babu), and that point onwards, the story begins with twists. The murderer continues murdering various individuals in the city and removes one organ from their body.  Polices unable to reveal the secret of those serial killings and the reason for removing organs from them.

Anasuya takes it seriously and targets getting that murderer.  She helps police and furthermore takes help from them till she gets him.  Task Force Police Anand (Abbas) helps Anasuya in that operation.  Who is that murderer? Why he murder specific individuals and removing organs from them?  That must be watched in the remaining movie.


Top Reasons Why to Watch “Anasuya” movie:

The main reason to watch the movie is it’s Ravi Babu’s mark movie, which filled horror, psycho-thriller elements, and suspense.  Ravi Babu’s direction, taking, scenes,picturization, etc. all are awesome.Click here to watch Telugu movies online. Ravi Babu was told in an interview that he offered Bhumika Chawla a guest role in the movie, but after some developments in the star cast, he decided to give her lead role as Anasuya.  After watching the movie, we can’t imagine in the role of Anasuya any other than Bhumika Chawla.  Bhumika not even played the role, but also she lived in the role Anasuya.  We can understand this after watching the film.

We know that horror, thriller based movies must be added with quality photography, as the requirements, Cinematographer Sudhakar Reddy worked capably and given wonderful cinematography, which kept the scenes alive and attractive.  The background music by Sekhar Chandra was terrific.

The production houses Flying Frogs and Suresh Productions have spent money as the requirement and shown production values on the screen.

Finally: Ravi Babu’s dedicated taking and mesmerizing thrilling scenes.  Suspense, Horror, Thrilling elements will make you forget other things while watching the movie—the production values of Flying Frogs and Suresh Productions, Bhoomika Chawla’s performance.