government work in Qatar

The benefits of government work in Qatar

The UAE country is developing rapidly and is modernizing to accept foreign specialists from around the world for jobs in the country to promote economic growth. Government work is well known in the Qatar, known for its stability, generous remuneration, and attractive benefits. The country has attracted more than 200 nationalities of employees from around the world for their work culture and attractive service packages.

Here are some benefits of working in government positions in the Qatar:

The balance between work and personal life: public work in the Qataris appreciated in the country due to its focus on work and own experience. Even though private sector companies claim that they are friendly to employees, simplicity of workload, paid vacations, medical benefits, sponsorship benefits, and family benefits offered in public positions become the preferred option.

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Shorter work hours, balanced workload, and generous compensation provide access to a luxurious lifestyle and time to spend with your family after work.

Expat package: when it comes to cash benefits, free and complete health insurance, free annual airfare, and most payroll bonuses are the dream of any professional in the world. The Qataroffers housing subsidies for expatriates, airfare, compulsory health insurance, visas for dependents, education for children and much more, in addition to favorable benefits, such as:

  • Commission/bonus above the guaranteed salary.
  • Subsidy for housing.
  • Airfares
  • School fees for children.
  • Pension benefits.

Although there are benefits in workplaces in the private sector, they are not comparable to the benefits offered in public positions in the Qatar.

Way of life In addition to the immediate financial indulgence and a balance of the duration of service, government officials in the Qataralso appreciate the lifestyle that the country offers. Combined with a protected environment and ample opportunities to explore, a multicultural nation opens up arms to expatriates from around the world, blending them with their charming lifestyle.

Sheets: the public sector has more vacations than the private sector, the holidays that the government announces annually or spontaneously.

You can achieve many paying government jobs in the Qatar, according to your qualifications, through the job search sites and job hiring in 2019 and 2020 in Qatar that make the process interactive and accessible. Uploading your resume on job search websites makes the CVs widely available to employers in the public sector, and you can also directly access government websites and public sector organizations based on job vacancies.

People from all over the world looking for a safe work environment, market growth, respectable lifestyles and growth opportunities in the region and around the globe can significantly benefit from the culture of work at government work in the Qatar.

Fast cars, luxury accommodation, a multicultural environment with a wide variety of foods, languages ​​, and clothing from around the world make the Qataran excellent place to work.