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Get BCA Green Mark Consultation With Sunseap

Sunseap Solutions is one of the leading sustainability groups in Singapore. They are known for providing energy audits and BCA Green Mark consultation. They have been credited with winning awards like Singapore’s environmental achievement and Asia’s green future leaders. They provide clean energy solutions like solar panels for houses and office spaces. In this blog, you will learn how they help people get green mark certification.


What is BCA green mark certification?

BCA green mark aims to make the Singapore construction eco-friendly following environmental standards. They aim at conserving energy and increasing efficiency to improve the climate condition. Government agencies, developers, and resident owners are some people who can apply for green mark certification.

There are two categories of certifications for non-residential buildings and existing non-residential buildings. It evaluates the impact of the building on the environment and suggests the best sustainable designs. It also lists the environmental practices a person can implement for the construction.

The benefit of the BCA green mark

A green mark certification can increase the reputation of a building. Since climate change is on the rise, every individual must adopt the best methods to reduce energy use. Certain measures need to be taken at the workplace to keep a low impact on the environment.

Sunseap will provide the necessary consultation and assist you with the process of applying for the BCA green mark. This certification will increase the property value of the residential complex, and boost the image of the corporation. It’s time to take the leap of faith, consult Sunseap and get the BCA green mark.