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Facts about furniture moving you did not know

Whether you just bought a piece of furniture from an individual or a professional like a few miles from home, whether you sold a property that must be shipped to the other side of Switzerland or you had to move a small volume of furniture, specialized companies’ services like Umzug Zug are at your disposal and offer effective and economical solutions that will undoubtedly meet your expectations. So, let us talk about some facts about furniture moving toy did not know about.

Small volumes to move

A lot of companies specialize in the transportation of low volume goods. Among them, many of the craftsmen offer their service to businesses as well as to individuals wishing to send furniture at very attractive costs on reduced distances.

In the majority of cases, the boss takes the role of driver, has his own truck (less than 3.5 tons) and works on his own. It comes to recover the goods to be delivered from the point of receipt to the point of delivery and charges the service according to the difficulties of access, the kilometer distance to be traveled as well as the estimated time of the intervention.

The cost of removing a piece of furniture, without handling, from a ground floor to another ground floor can vary from company to company which is more economical than to appeal to a transportation or moving company (specializing in large volumes) or renting a truck on your own. Specialized in short and medium distances (- 150 km) you can use them if you make a moving medium or small volume or you want to carry some furniture.Umzugsfirma Zug

About bissigumzuege: a moving company offers you the possibility of comparing in real time the price offers of carriers located throughout Switzerland. The fee will be personalized according to the information you have provided us. We have some exciting offers for you so that you can move your furniture with us without any hesitation. Use Umzug Zug for your furniture transport, you will like their service.

Furniture transport over long distances

When transporting furniture over long distances, it’s a good idea to go through a moving company that will be better able to find solutions that meet your needs and requirements.

Indeed, a mover will be able to propose to you on the one hand his know-how in the transport of furniture and on the other hand, a type of travel and a formula which will allow you to save on savings: the combined group travel to the economic formula for example.

If your shipment concerns only a few pieces of furniture, by opting for a mutual move, you will save on road costs which will then be shared between several customers. Thus, the truck of the moving company will maximize the volume remaining in the truck whether on the outward or return journey.

If you are not in a hurry, the mover will be able to offer you to store your furniture in furniture repositories for a few days or weeks, while a shared move to its final destination is scheduled. These are of course professional movers who take care of the transport (and storage) of your furniture

Benefit from the centralization of offers thanks to our innovative platform. Depending on the information provided, our algorithm program associates your request with the routes of journeys filled by movers passing near the collection and delivery points mentioned by you.

By calling on one of our members, you will be guaranteed a quality service and you will benefit from competitive prices thanks to our system of comparison in real time